Happy Birthday, Very Quietly, To You

Today is my mom’s birthday.

Mom has been super-helpful to me throughout this blog-ject so far. She helped me pack up CDs upon CDs upon CDs. She dredged her memory for random factoids. She hasn’t yet thrown out the complete scores to Mahler’s symphonies – yes, all of Mahler’s symphonies – in a fit of cleaning rage. And she has supported and encouraged this blog even when she feels I might be over-sharing.

I had in mind to say happy birthday by writing a history of classical music composers who have somehow incorporated the happy birthday song into their work. This list, it turns out, is shorter than I envisioned, for two reasons. Continue reading

Oh The Horror! The Horror!

On my flight home to Arkansas for Christmas vacation, I started listening to the 12-CD set of Bach organ works in dad’s collection, “L’Oeuvre D’Orgue,” from Lionel Rogg. This was perhaps not the wisest choice, as I found myself being bombarded, on a particularly bumpy return flight to Newark, by BWV 565, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. You know, this:

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