Would You Like Some Bach With Your Hilary Hahn?

Johann Sebastian Bach. Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin. BWV 1001 – 1006. Nathan Milstein. 1975, Polydor International.

Hilary Hahn. Bach. Concertos. Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Jeffrey Kahane.  2003, Deutsche Grammophon.

I happened to listen to the two above CDs back to back. I post their covers side by side to point out the obvious: That is not Bach on the right-hand one. That is Hilary Hahn, the soloist, and just in case we missed that point, the first line of the title lets us know it as well. On the other cover, there’s no mention of the performer until we turn the page and find out it’s a guy named Nathan Milstein. And that’s all we learn about Milstein. There is nothing about him in the liner notes, which are entirely about the music. Continue reading