Thirty Favorite Songs of 2012

I know, I know. This is like the 80 millionth year-end list you’ve read. Why read another? Here’s a reason: as an inveterate consumer of the accursed things myself, I can tell you that at least one-third of the 30 songs on this list aren’t on any other list that I’ve seen. And (I think) it’s good music, worthy of a listen. So, below are my favorite songs of the year. (Here’s a Spotify list of most of them. Here are a few other lists with a lot of stuff you won’t find elsewhere that I may have cribbed a few songs from: NPR’s best albums; NPR’s best songs; Said the Gramophone’s best songs; 28 Candles’ best songs, and Austin Town Hall’s best songs. Here’s Rollo & Grady’s best songs, which makes it for many reasons, including its love of the classic rock n roll/blues sound, its thoughtful (!) illustrations (but why OK Computer???), and, most importantly, its inclusion of Pussy Riot. And here’s Fluxblog’s comprehensive 2012 survey. Finally, here, for the die-hards, is Largehearted Boy’s list of lists, a truly necessary source for addicts like me.)

Without further ado, the list! Featuring a waffling inability to decide whether or not to put song lyrics inside quotes.

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