‘If Mikhail Baryshnikov and Chris Brown’s Genes Were Combined in a Blender’

I am more than a year late to this, but it is so great that I am going to post it anyway.

This is a guy from Memphis named Lil Buck. He dances a style called Jookin’. The producer of a film about him described his style as per the headline of this post. Lil Buck himself says in the film that he gets inspiration from watching water, and that Jookin’ deserves to be in the same category as ballet and jazz. Yo-Yo Ma saw a video of him dancing, and then this happened.

Freud, Schmeud: On Bach’s Sons


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I started out listening to the seven CDs by Bach’s sons in dad’s collection with a bad attitude. I was like, this is going to suck, these guys are going to be mere shadows of Bach, and it’s still going to be Baroque, and I’m so, so tired of Baroque, and grumble grumble WHEN DO I GET TO BEETHOVEN? I was basically approaching it with the preconceived notion that, as Tim Page, the chief classical music critic for Newsday at the time, writes in one set of liner notes, “One need not be a strict Freudian to suspect that those members of Johann Sebastian Bach’s family who followed him into the music business must sometimes have had a rough time of it.”

But as I really started listening to these guys and reading about them, I realized that this wasn’t fair. Continue reading