A Short Best Songs of 2016 List That Not Coincidentally Also Makes for Pretty Good Protest Music

Humor me in stretching for a silver lining. One good thing about the entirely dystopic, almost (I reserve the right to delete the word almost without notice from this sentence should it become necessary) apocalyptically bad, rise of Donald Trump and the fake news neo-Nazi brigade is that it makes me want to live. It makes me want to drink all the delicious wine I was saving for old age right now, just in case the seas swallow my old age. (Or my wine! Pathetic seas! Terrible!) It makes me want to go for bike rides in a park before Exxon starts fracking there. It makes me realize how much I like my life. And it has rejuvenated music for me from wilted shades of pale pastel to bright fucking red.


Here, then, a short list of my favorite music of 2016, with a heavy focus on protest music as I head off to the Women’s March. Am I listening to this music with 20-20 regrets, or is it prophetic? Continue reading