One Paragraph Book Reviews: The Power by Naomi Alderman

"American Power" by Tristan Eaton

“American Power” by Tristan Eaton

Naomi Alderman’s “The Power” is about what happens when every woman gains superhuman abilities, while men remain mere mortals. Aha, you may be thinking, world peace and enforced yoga for all, but this is a tale of vengeance that methodically challenges such stereotypes. At first, women satisfy themselves with righting perceived wrongs: punishing men who’ve raped them, standing up for themselves in the workplace, overthrowing oppressive governments. But as the book progresses, many women themselves become, in gruesome fashion, oppressors. As the end-of-civilization scenes get nastier and nastier, you may find it hard to take seriously the depictions of females in the roles of laughing rapist and debauched monarch. But ask yourself why this is so, and perhaps you will find yourself questioning, as I did, preconceptions about gender, power, and society.